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It is never too late to start learning how to play the guitar! Learning music is good for the brain. It helps you remember things and it is fun!

If you want to be a guitar virtuoso, these are not the lessons for you. If you want to be successful playing a wide variety of songs with guitar chords and achieve a new skill to bring "joy" to yourself and others, then you are in the right place!

Music makes me feel so good and I want to teach you how to get that feeling too. Playing guitar involves a lot of muscle memory, so you have to be willing to set aside time each day to practice. If you do, you will surprise yourself! In very short order you will be able to play this beautiful instrument and enjoy sharing your music (pieces) with others.

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Click on these FREE DEMO videos below and sing along with Joy and her Special Guests.  Listen and sing along with your family and friends as often as you wish!

Joy & Elena Demo Video

Joy and Elena want you to join them with songs from their “Classic Canadian”, “Lasting Love”, “Wonderful Women”, “Marvelous Maritimes”, “Lest We Forget”, “Swing in the Sixties”, “Lest We Forget”, “Alive in Autumn”, “Move with the Spirit”, “Travel Together” and “Wacky Weather” concerts.

Joy & Joan Demo Video

Join Joy and Joan as they sing songs about Canada, Swinging Through the Decades, Women, Occupations, Rock & Roll, and Show Tunes.